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ATDM has a long history of supplying Oxidized Bitumen to bitumen factories, asphalt companies, roof insulation companies and membrane sheet manufactures.

We are providing blown bitumen or Oxidized Bitumen 115/15, Oxidized Bitumen 85/25, Oxidized Bitumen 95/15, Oxidized Bitumen 100/15, …, all grades of Oxidized Bitumen will produce according to order.

Throughout the world, more than 7 types of bitumen that is produced depends on the type of weather conditions one of them is Oxidized Bitumen or Blown Bitumen.

Oxidized bitumen grades are suitable for sealing saw cuts and joints where there is expected to be the minimum amount of moving in the joint. Their wide temperature range prevents bleeding in high temperature applications. Oxidized bitumen can also be used in industrial applications like roofing, flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications to name a few.

Please check our Oxidized Bitumen page for more details such as What is Oxidized Bitumen? and How to produce Oxidized Bitumen ?

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